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The Event Management Methodology by Dr-Events - Romis Ali

The success of an event / experience is derived from understanding the guests individually and their culture. The basic considerations: Their fun needs, fun composition, what incite them and tap into their minds. Handling each guest with special treatment reinforces his status in the community which they are a part. A successful event caters each cultural value and fulfills collective desires with meaning, hope and purpose. It encompasses the physical, mental and emotional feelings of human being, but touches deep in to the heart. It takes people from their boring daily routine to spirited and shared sentiments. Creative work invites the freedom of expression, stimulating and thought provoking ideas. Nothing goes unnoticed, each action speaks loud and clear, symbol, speech or detail, signals an attitude, belief or value. The subtext of a well orchestrated event speaks to the soul and implants deep meaningful messages which stay long after the event. Audio / visual should be appealing to stimulate spectators.

  • Methodical


    Methodical, well structured and well regulated planning always saves money and time and efforts. By attending each element of event, the standard of planning is usually an indicative of its net product quality. It saves from embarrassment and perplexity during the execution. Brain storming prior to an event is one of the best ways to cater solutions of each element. Contingency planning should also be carried out to resolve issues emerging during running of an event. Factors to be considered are:

    Ideal venue for the event, with keeping in mind the theme and objectives.

    Spacious enough venue to host invitees and fit for all segments of event.

     Venue has good parking facilities

     Team composition and directives issued to look after invitees, which will have direct impact on other management matters.

     Once guests have been warmly greeted, then what to do?

     Moving of guests from one place to another be given due consideration to avoid inconvenience later

     Requisite briefing to management team before, during and after the event.

     Team knows how to handle individual and collective needs of invitees.

     How to welcome the guests will decide reception arrangements?

    Security related problems envisaged and solution thereto

     Health and safety arrangement at the venue.

     Team should be well conversant of overview of the event prior to launch.



  • Uniqueness


    Uniqueness and individuality of an event keep the event refreshed in memories which can be achieved by stimulating human senses. The inspiring affects in an event gained through appropriate venue sight, sound and décor matching to audience taste ensures successful execution of an event. The conceptual planning process of an event theme should see the demographics and psychographics of invitees attending the event. Their taste of music, food, dress will enable you to blend the right theme in creating the right atmosphere to maintain uniqueness and individuality of the event.



  •  Academic


    The academic and intellectual values are marked as baseline of any event to ensure that all segments i.e. Invitation, Reception; Introductions, Speeches and entertainment and ending are comprised of in accordance with the event theme and objectives. It should be formulated to make it appealing for the invitees. The sequence of an event should be logical and must facilitate the invitees. The reception and management team displaying name tags that would help in removing initial barriers. Dedicated team members with invitees assist in tracking attendee’s record. The conducting staff’s feed back will be an added benefit during event audit. Audio / visual coverage and snaps help in refreshing memories while event auditing is on and even supportive during post event promotional activities.



  • Receptive


    The event design should be so plan and managed keeping in mind the attitude, culture and status of the audience. Conducive and appealing event environment be achieved by arranging event at a right venue and right time of day which is always receptive and has lasting affects. The event if mixed with fun breaks entertainment element will make it more attractive and will gear up memories even after the event.

    Salient event features taken in to account are:.
    The duration.
    Day time to start an event.
    Time required for preparation, set up and intervals?
    Selection of locality and venue 
    Weather implication. 
    The leading approach.
    The running tempo, sequence and segments of an event. 
    What will be the right tempo? Too long – it becomes boring, too short - you feel rushed.
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