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MCS 1997



Most part of my life until now it is related to the study in a way or another. I have learned a lot of things, some that I was directly interested in, others that I don't know if I'll ever use them but, who knows, maybe will be useful one day.

I also learned that to learn does not over when school if over, but that we need to constantly learn the entire life, that the only way to survive and to be able to adapt ourselves consists in a capacity to quickly assimilate new knowledge and that one of the important things in life, maybe the most important, is to learn how to learn.
This section of my website presents studies I followed, grades I achieved, important projects I made and future plans.


  • Master of Science, Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

  • 2 years Diploma in Computers science

  • Advanced Diploma, Network Administration and Integration

  • Medical Laboratory

  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

  • Advance Diploma in Blood Banking

Academic projects:

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  • Sports Journalist Award 2009
  • Family Fitness & Fun
  • MUSIC for HUMANITY 2009