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02, 2005.





I am Choudhry Muhammad Ali. I am 24 and few months old and I currently live in Karachi, PAKISTAN. My friends call me CMA, Romis, Choudhry , Doc, Dr-Events & Ali, this is why Because they like me called this way. ( Romis Ali is my brand name & Dr-Events is my trade name )
My goal in life is to be outstanding in all what I'm doing, to be a professional. In the same time I like to fully enjoy life. Life is so beautiful if you know how to enjoy it!
I am an open character and I like anytime to know things, other peoples, to discover new characters, new eyes, new thoughts, new perspectives. I like to make new friends and to communicate.
I love Target Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Deep Sea Diving, Chine's, I love pizza, I love music. I love to live my life and to not let it to pass by me. I live with passion, intense and deep every moment which is passing through me. I consider life like a huge labyrinth, which hides countless different experiences. An always unsatisfied thirst leads me from one place to another, to new life experiences. I always live other situations, other moments, other things. The new, the unknown and the surprising are the keywords for all my memories. But i m a very much MUSTIKAL MEZAJ
If what you read until here caught your interest, then I invite you to read also what i like to do in my spare time.

I have a brother, Ch. Farhan Ali, whose web page can be visited by following this link.


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  • Sports Journalist Award 2010
  • Family Fitness & Fun
  • MUSIC for HUMANITY 2010