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The world of computers is the place where I "live" a large part of my time. I work with computers at least eight hours on a day. Often, day became nights and nights became days. More, sometimes two or three days became one only single day of working on computer. Like many others mates of mine, I made my "first steps" in computer world on a Camdoor 64 in 1982 when my older sis the first programmer in our area then my uncle give her as a gift. I continued my apprentice on a Panasonic XT which fortunately had a 40 MB hard-disk. but unfortunately infected with Viruses. My first project I had done on that machine with the low density floppy-disk, awarded best project. And also learned how produced result with the limited resources and now a day I have my R&D Lab.
Thanks Uncle Thanks sis U all my 1st inspirations I love u all

I'm especially interested in computer networks, Securities and web technologies. Currently I work as network and Security Advisor Pakistan times.
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