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December 28, 2006



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These are the projects that I am involved in, am currently working on, or have recently

I dream of making an impact and changing the world. My mind is always thinking of new ideas, but my pragmatism holds me back.

I have a rather strong perfectionist streak. I am almost never satisfied with the things that I've done. Nevertheless, my fingers never stay still.

This section mostly consists of few projects I've completed in the past, but there are some brand new undertakings as well. If you have an idea or a suggestion for my projects, please do share.

Current Engagement


General Secretary
    (STBA) Sindh Tenpin Bowling Association


Advisor for Events & Program Development for
    (SFAP) Sports & Fitness Association of Pakistan


Joint Secretary,
     (PTBF) Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation


Director Events ( World )
     International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)


Project Director ,
     International Community Policing Award 2009


Event Consultant  
    Drug Free Pakistan Foundation


Chairman, Event management Committee
    Pakistan Darts Federation (PDF)


Director Events & Production, Founder -
    MUAR Events international
    MUAR Sports & Leisure International
    MUAR Wedding Management 

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Latest Project


  • Sports Journalist Award 2009
  • Family Fitness & Fun
  • MUSIC for HUMANITY 2009