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April 07, 2007.



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1st IPDC 2008


We cannot hold on the time. And we cannot return into the past. But we can immortalize the second so sometime into the future its image to refresh our memories, thoughts and feelings. So, from the desire to hold on the moment I discover my passion for photography. I am and probably I'll always be an amateur photographer and I never dare to challenge a professional. I only tried to mark my pass through various places, near different peoples. The life is so short and there are so many photos to be made!
This section of my website is dedicated to my photos collection. Here are few albums with me in different situations:

Now some others albums with me:

  • my university days (07 Photos)

  • Me with Hussain's side Friends 2005-22-04(HWAY)

what i like to do in my spare time.

I have a brother, Ch. Farhan Ali, whose web page can be visited by following this link.

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Album Others

  • Me in my Shazi wedding (17)
  • Me in my Nazi wedding (40)
  • Me traveling into the world (14)
  • A day in my life (22)
  • Me when I graduated high school (5)